Requiescat in Pace et in Amore

The obituary was officially publicized yesterday from Nakai-san's own radio program. On February 19th, 2015, his father passed away at the age of 79 due to the carcinoma of the lungs and larynx, and after the finish of traditional 49-day memorial ceremony for the departed, he himself spoke about his father's leave in a very calm, decent and composed manner to all his fans and audiences.

According to his words, his father had been suffered from cancer for already two years, and this was why the departure was not happened suddenly but, I suppose, with a certern psychological preparation built in among the family members. 

Yet, to his fans, this was completely astonishing, for over these two years, no one has discorved anything indicating that there has been something wrong with him. It is all because there has been no sign shown in the television programs where he is presented.

Despite the great efforts put to take care of the lovable old man most cherised and closest to him and the bearing of the pain of watching him suffered, over these two years, he has shown an incredibly extreme professionalism and superbly completed all the works in his professional field, offering great pleasure to all the audiences only with no unnecessary emotion brough about by the experience in his private life. What an awesome man.

I suppose that his fans were astonished largely because of his extraordinary professionalism and sincerity, great endeavors and love he offers to whom he loves. Well, when it comes to fans, however, obviously, little could be done, but -

May the living be with happiness and the departed rest in peace and in love.


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