All Those Things Far Beyond Our Ability

As another black tidlings was yesterday released from Nakai-san's radio program after the obituary of his father, I finaly realized that there are so many things in this world out of our control and far beyond our ability. 

Three months after the departure of his father, in early June, he himself received a surgery of laryngeal polypectomy. In fact, I would rather believe that it was a surgery of polypectomy rather than of tumor recection, for it is still a little difficult to make clear the exact nature of what was resected based on the current Japanese news reports. "Shuyou" in Japanese refers to tumor - hopefully, at the very least, we know that it was a benign tumor. But there is still a report that uses "Polyp", which is obviously less dangerous than the former. 

Anyway, the heavy news is undoubtedly shocked to all his fans, and when I am still deeply troubled by things happened recently in my family, the news is nothing but just like a fist exactly punching my heart, making me realized that - 

All people and things I cherish would one day go away, and when it happens, nothing can stop it. 

I cannot imagine the feeling when he rediculed the DNA he inherits from his father, since Mr. Nakai Masashi was passed away due to laryngocarcinoma, and I cannot imagine what would happen if the laryngeal disease of him recurs one day. 

And if there really is an invisible order by which the world runs and people lead their lives, I do hope that this good man could be rewarded, for he deserves.

Wish him good health and long life. 


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