Accompanying Lou

It is quiet difficult to describe precisely how I come to be interested in Ming Lou. It was neither a sudden fascination during the drama's braodcast - to be honest, I even didn't pay enough attention to the two elder brothers of the Ming faminly at that time, but focusd all my attention on the development of Ming Tai and Yu Manli - nor a long process in which I gradually comprehended his merits, personal character, or spirit. Neither of them can categorize this unexpected fascination of mine with the character.

If there must be an explaination, I should say it was more of a sudden realization after the long process of my fanfic creation. Yes, I suddenly realized how hard what he went through was, how heavy the burden on his shoulders was, and how arduous and painful his heart felt when writing "Today Is Yesterday". I realized that I couldn't forget the tears in his eyes and the smiles on his face just like I couldn't forget the last smile of Yu Manli when she took leave of her love on that ancient city wall. 

And this is why I would like to start creating the second season of the fanfic and why I would like to write something about him, to think more about him, to see whether happiness has been close to him in this scarred and battered contemporary society of China. And I will, sincerely, pray for him. May the happiness long be with him.

On the other hand, I do find it quite difficult to portray the relationship between Ming Cheng and him, since to a certain degree Ming Chen was still a character not that complete and well-constructed in the original work. There are, in fact, several references to me. For instance, the Emperor Yongzheng and Prince Yi. From my view, there are several similarities between these two character pairings. The Emperor and the Prince were originally brothers, having been living with each other since chilhood. Yongzheng was a few years elder than Yinxiang and in a sense played the dominate role in their relation since the king-subject relationship was also a part of their relation. But, most importantly, the character of Prince Yi has been portrayed quite clearly and completely. 

Yinxiang has his liberal side, which has been fully manifested in lots of fanfictions and novels themed by the fierce competition for the crown among the Emperor Kangxi's sons, as well as his chances to take an option and make a decision. He could have chosen not to be on his brother's side, but he didn't; he could have chosen not to sacrifice himself for saving his brother, but he didn't. There were several times that Yinxiang could have taken another option, but he didn't, and it is through a series of choosings and decisions that a character with strong and independent personality is well constructed. 

Pitifully, Zhangyong's work didn't offer such a room to portray Ming Cheng. But, as I believe and as almost all the audiences and readers believe, such an action of choosing has already been done by him. He chosed; he might have chosen for several times, for himself, for Ming Lou, for the faith, for the country, and for love.

Then, why writing? Both in English and Chinese? For the former, to which I have been sticking, I do need a place to keep doing my free English writing, and this is what THIS blog is for, even though I have been accredited by the state as a qualified English translator. For the latter, writing in native language can be a way for me to see through the life. Novel creation enables me to think a lot, not only those political, historical, and philosophical things, but also affectional things, as well as life, fate, and death. My horizon is able to be broader and my understanding to lots of thing deeper. And that is what I trully get from my fanfic creation.

The second season of the fanfiction would start at the beginning of the new year. I wish I could tell a good story, with good characters and deep thoughts, though it is in fact very difficult. I will try.



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